Insighturi de comunicare

❓️What is bad communication?

– Communicating something and people not understanding the WHY involved. Or why are you on this topic
– Overexplaining, message dilution
– Beaning too superficial
– Missing the point
– Not having a red wire linked to your message
– Being too keen on what or how you think it’s interesting
– Delivering the kind of content you think is making you look smart, well positioned – egocentric
– Not focusing on what the audience expects, needs or wants
– Not adjusting the tone of voice and the language to their understanding
– Not listening, not being empathetic, not making eye contact
– Being too sharp and hiding your bad intentions by “being sincere”
– Your non-verbal language not being connected to your message
– Communicating just to check another box on your to do list

Communication is not just about doing it, it’s about the value put into the message. The meaning, the purpose, the effect created among the audience.

Communication should be more about the other, about impact and less about checking boxes or just looking good.
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